It is now April 2017 and while updating our brand new  IJFC website - it is time to add a few of the highlights since the 2006 history below was put together (11 years ago!).

The intervening decade has seen a steady growth of the Ivanhoe Junior Football Club - with the club growing into a true community club for the Ivanhoe area.   The club has seen a steady flow of parents through the committee, and it  has maintained its inclusiveness as we have gone about fielding teams each season.

In the background, a major programme has been the gathering of funds and beginning on the creation of new club rooms for the Ivanhoe sporting community (including the IJFC, the Ivanhoe Amateur Football Club and the Ivanhoe Cricket Club) - tis project came to fruition in March 2017 after a long road of fundraising and planning.

2014 saw the introduction of the first Girls teams at IJFC - now in their fourth year, coinciding with the introduction of the Womens AFL competition this year - Girls footy is alive and well at IJFC and in the Yarra League.  Having the girls teams adds a fantastic dimension to our club community.

Looking forward to season 2017 and beyond - we collectively look towards a thriving community club that is consistently helping kids and older teenagers be the best they can be through a positive football community environment.

A Reflection From The 2006 Committee

In 2006, as we compile a brief history of the Ivanhoe JFC, this Committee acknowledges the vision and administrative expertise of those parents and friends, who in the 1960s and 70s established this Club.

As a result of their initiative and planning, along with the work of Committees of following years, Ivanhoe JFC  can provide opportunities for boys and girls from our local community to play football and also to belong to a strong, successful and supportive club.

This year there are 380 registered  players, age 7 to 17, and a record number of teams (sixteen) playing in the Yarra Junior Football League.

Our thanks to Tim Robinson and John Miles for sharing their memories and also for providing copies of the  early Minutes of the Junior Football Club.

The Ivanhoe Amateur Football Club first fielded a Junior team in 1966 following a suggestion from Coach Lloyd Williams that it be formed in order to provide recruits to play with the seniors.  That team competed in the Melbourne Boys League on Saturday mornings in the Under 15s Section wearing jumpers with black and white vertical stripes and coached by John Miles.

In 1967 Under 15s and Under 17s played for Ivanhoe Juniors under coaches Ian Anderson and John Miles with the Under 15s making the Grand Final.

Ivanhoe Amateur FC continued to support and administer the two Junior teams until 1971 when the Under 15s coach, Tim Robinson, reported to the Committee that they were having trouble recruiting as other junior clubs in the area started at

Under 10s so players were already aligned.

There was inadequate off-field support and parents were rarely seen.


Tim suggested that:

“the Committee investigate the possibilities of forming an Ivanhoe Junior Football Club, which would be affiliated with the IAFC and an inaugural committee should be called to discuss administration and facilities.” Minutes IAFC 27. 7. 1971"


Tim believed that a separate club with players starting at a younger age would encourage increased parental involvement.

The formation of the Ivanhoe Junior Football Club was held on 5th October 1971 and produced the following report:

  1. Grounds – application has been made to deputation committee of H.C.C. to meet representatives of  IAFC (Benetti, Lucas, Burns ) on Monday, 11th October with request for additional ground for proposed junior teams.

  2. Competition – Committee suggested that the club apply to field U 11, U 13, U 15,U 17 teams in Doncaster and Districts competition in 1972


Moved J Blackwood that the IAFC supports the entry of boys’ teams from the district into the Doncaster and District Football League and application be made to HCC for the use of Chelsworth Park on Sundays.


In the initial years the Junior committee was made up of IAFC people.


First Junior Committee comprised: 

  • R Lucas (President)

  • J Miles (Treasurer)

  • J Burns

  • P Cairns

  • T Robinson

  • E Logan

  • J Benetti

  • D Blackwood

  • R Burt


The new committee applied to the Doncaster League to wear jumpers with black and white vertical stripes but were informed that Park Orchards Junior Football Club had applied to do the same the week before.  Ivanhoe then had no jumpers for Juniors, so they purchased Park Orchards used, plain black jumpers and added IJFC onto a panel.


In order to establish the Junior Club the Committee conducted meetings in October, December, January, twice in February, March and April and the Minutes record that during that time it organised League affiliation and fees, registrations, advertised and appointed coaches, negotiated for use of extra ground at Chelsworth Park, arranged practice matches and transport, purchased “school size footballs’, advertised for players in the local papers and with the “hiring of a loudspeaker” and  appointed two League delegates.


Registration fees were set at $2.


April 1972 Minutes - Treasurer John Miles reported $47.51 on hand and R Lucas reported on the lack of parental support and team managers for the Under 17s. J Blackwood offered his services to assist the Under 17s team.

At a clinic held at Chelsworth Park in March, forty players were signed, and by 22nd May, 152 were registered with Ivanhoe.

At the end of that first season, a set of track suits and dressing gowns were purchased, along with a new set of black jumpers and monograms.

Financial Statement August, 1972 shows a balance of $209.15.

Best and Fairest players 1972 were:

Under 11        P Gittos
Under 13        P Lonergan
Under 15        D Biviano
Under 17        D Steen