Ivanhoe Sports Club Development Fund

As many of you will know, Ivanhoe Park is home to the Ivanhoe Amateur Football Club, Ivanhoe Cricket Club & Ivanhoe Junior Football Club.
These clubs (combined) field 31 teams comprising over 525 participants, ranging in age from 8 years to masters (over 45s).


The Ivanhoe Park facility & its member clubs have been the pre-eminent community hub for hundreds of local families for over 100 years.
Over the past 18 months these shared clubrooms have undegone a major rebuild and refurbishment to more suitably cater for these sports as they continue to grow, particularly with the introduction of female teams in recent years.  With the clubroom build now complete there remains much still to do to enable the facility to be fully & effectively utilised.  This includes such things as basic furniture, catering equipment, audio visual equipment, storage facilities, a modern scoreboard and new coaches boxes.

The Ivanhoe Sporting Club (ISC) Inc. has been formed as a Joint body of our co-tenant clubs with the Presidents' and Secretaries' of each club on the Board. It is chaired by Tim Donohue, a member & participant in all 3 clubs for over 30 years.


The ISC’s role is to transparently manage funds raised now and over the coming years under the auspices of the Ivanhoe Sports Club Development Fund, through the umbrella organisation, the Australian Sports Foundation.  Our partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation enables all of your donations to be fully tax deductible.


All funds donated by club members and sponsors will be fully tax deductible and will be utilised to complete the required works at these newly completed multi-purpose clubrooms.

Please consider making a contribution to what will be an amazing community centre for hundreds of local families for many years to come. Be part of something great.  To donate, click on the button on the top right of this page.

We will be offering Foundation Donor Status as well as other optional levels of donations.